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Forever Pomesteen Power

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An exotic tasting drink, high in vitamin C, with added pomegranate and mangosteen blended with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and grapeseed extract.


Pomegranate fruit juice, pear fruit juice, mangosteen (garcinia mangostana L) fruit juice, raspberry fruit juice, blackberry fruit juice, blueberry fruit juice and grapeseed extract, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (to help protect the flavour).

Contents: 473ml

Shake well before using. Take 30ml (1 fl oz) daily or as desired, preferably before meals. For best results, refrigerate and consume within 30 days of opening. 10 ways to use Forever Pomesteen Power

Drink neat – tastes like a very powerful fruit cordialDilute with water – makes a tasty squash for kidsAdd to your daily Aloe Vera Gel – gives it a lovely fruity flavour for those who cant drink it neatAdd to champagne – to make a healthy Kir RoyaleAdd to plain yoghurt – makes a delicious fruity dessert for children and adultsTry it with custard!In a trifle – to add fruity zest and healthAfter exercise as a super antioxidantFreeze and make into ice cubesMake ice lollies for little and big kids

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